How to meet major societal challenges?

The Department of Working Life and Innovation at the Business School of University of Agder has received financial support from the Aust-Agder Development and Competence Fund for a project on ‘Innovation policy for major societal challenges’. This project complements the work in the Digi-project as digitization will be one of the answers to the challenges.

The new project runs for five years with satisfactory progress. The project will support further development of the innovation environment at the Department of Working Life and Innovation. This will be done in three ways:

  • It will research and disseminate results on what innovation policy to meet climate challenges, an aging population and persistent social and geographical challenges can include, and how such a policy can be implemented.
  • The project will experiment with and assess the effects of different types of policies and instruments to meet the challenges.
  • Furthermore, the project will invite societal actors to reflect on understanding as well as co-creation of instruments for innovation policy for major societal challenges.